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Welcome to the website of The Old Shirburnian Golfing Society.

The OSGS is open to all Old Shirburnians regardless of age or golfing prowess. There are around 20 matches annually against other school Societies and golf clubs. The majority of the matches are over 36-holes at some of the finest golf clubs in the country. They offer a great opportunity to catch up with friends and renew some old sporting rivalries – in the friendliest of ways.

There are three meetings a year. The Sherborne Meeting in May, which includes a match against the school, the Summer Meeting & AGM at The Berkshire in June, and The Autumn Meeting at Rye GC in September. All great events with numerous prizes on offer.

In addition, there are a number tournaments in which the Society enters a scratch team – the Halford Hewitt, the Grafton Morrish, the Brent Knoll, the Mellin (O-55s) and the Alba Trophy. Any low handicap players who are not aware of these events should get in touch.

The Subsidy

Golfers aged under 27, as well as those aged 27–32, are subsidised by the Society.  Those under 27 pay a maximum of £30 per day for any match/meeting.  In addition, those under 27 pay a maximum of £25 for B&B for any overnight costs.  Those 27-32 pay a maximum of £60 per day for any match/meeting.  In addition, those who are 27-32 pay a maximum of £35 for B&B for any overnight costs.

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2019 Results

The next 10 fixtures

  • Saturday, October 26, 2019
    Woking G C


Tom Parry was at Sherborne from 1920-25 and then went to Cambridge where he became a distinguished cox on the river, but it was golf that was to become his abiding passion.

Parry became great friends with G.L. (Susie) Mellin, the secretary of the Halford Hewitt tournament, and two significant events flowed from this friendship. In 1929 Parry wrote to 150 Old Shirburnians asking if they would like to help form a golf society. The response was such that the Old Shirburnian Golfing Society was founded that year and a team was first entered for the Halford Hewitt in 1930.

The second event was in 1960 when Parry founded the G.L. Mellin Salver in memory of his great friend – a tournament for the over 50s (now 55s) of the second 16 schools to have entered the Halford Hewitt.

The 1930s saw the Society start a framework of meetings and matches which was expanded after the War. Today there are three meetings in the year, as well as 29 matches against clubs and other societies, making the Society the most active of its peer group. The Society provides golf for Shirburnians of all ages and standards, ranging from the serious competition of the tournaments (Halford Hewitt, G.L. Mellin, Grafton Morrish and Brent Knoll), to the sociable but equally competitive matches and meetings for all handicaps.

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